Out of Einbeck to your ear.

In Einbeck, music bands have always been a fundamental element. Music is one of the pillars which shaped this city. Yes, sure: Besides beer. Fortunately, these ingredients can exist parallel. For both, the following applies: Enjoy responsibly.



16.08.2014 | Private Party.
I am very grateful for the professional preparation of the evening! Very special thanks to Steve: Standing on stage with you was a great honor.


06.09.2014 | Private Party.
A.T.V. – my long version: Ambiance. Team. Vision. It was a great pleasure! All the best for the future of the club. Don't rest in silence, fellows.


11.10.2014 | 40. Einbecker Eulenfest.
Dear jimie crew, thank you for your calmness and professionalism! I really enjoyed this afternoon.


06.12.2014 | Private Party.
Private in privacy with a comforting feeling. Thank you.


18.04.2015 | UpRiss.
Live-Music & Aftershow-Party. HdJ Einbeck. Info: Facebook.


19.09.2015 | Private Party.
Nothing for the faint-hearted. But indeed, a very special experience! Leatherette is an alternative.


27.08.2016 | Einbecker MusicNight.
Good night.